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Mrs Fields Franchise Opportunity Gold Coast QLD

Hooker Blvd, Broadbeach QLD 4218, Australia
$219,000.00 Café Coffee Shop / Franchise Resale
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  • This is the perfect business
  • Ideal location 
  • Mrs Fields is a top-10 Australian franchise and home-grown success story. 
  • Established in 1977, this is an iconic brand with a reputation for excellence, unmatched by other Australia bakeries. 
  • No experience is needed as new owners will be trained in the brilliant Mrs Fields business program ensuring your success.
  • All equipment is commercial grade and in pristine condition. 
  • Ample storage, refrigeration and preparation areas making this a SIMPLE business to manage and operate. 
  • Seating more than 34 patrons comfortably. 
  • Mrs Fields will provide a new owner with all the necessary training and the company's bespoke business program is essentially a blueprint for success. 
  • You will work for yourself but never by yourself, as head office will always provide ongoing support. 


  • Located in Pacific Fair which is the largest shopping mall in Queensland. 
  • In the heart of the iconic Gold Coast which has long been a playground for locals and tourists. 
  • Pac Fair recently underwent a $670 million expansion and upgrade 
  • Now also recognised as possibly the most beautiful centre in Australia. 
  • The centre receives over 12 million visitors every year, so you won't be short of customers.
  • As part of the expansion and upgrade, this cafe was completely rebuilt and presents as new.
  • The adjacent Star Casino complex has recently added an extra hi-rise tower and four more are approved which will bring in even more high-end customers.
  • Pacific Fair shopping centre is the jewel in Crowne of the Gold Coast ad is the epi centre for locals and tourists


  • Perfect location in Pacific Fair on the Gold Coast - Australia’s tourist playground
  • Over 12 million customers visit the centre annually
  • Brand new store with modern fit-out and commercial grade equipment
  • Mrs Fields does national marketing plus has an excellent corporate website and Social Media platforms
  • Over 40 years’ experience running the most-successful franchise bakery in the nation
  • Years Established: 2019
  • Employees: 4
  • Trading Hours: 7 days a week


  • The cafe is currently on track to turnover in excess of $650,000 this year and the new store is seeing revenue increase month-on-month
  • Support Training:
  • Full training is provided by the master Franchisor Mrs. Fields. The current franchisees went through this training and were highly equipped to take over this new successfully Café Bakery


  • Brand new café with 5 years on current lease left. This is a new designed purpose-built Café - Bakery. The last Mrs. Fields Bakery Café in this shopping centre was in business for 14 years. 
  • There is a very high opportunity of a lease renewal in 5 years’ time.


  • Mrs. Fileds Bakery Café has been in Pacific Fair shopping centre for the last 14 years, this is a brand newly buillt café replacing the previous one. 
  • Mrs Fields has long term loyal customer base and the shopping cemtre management have expressed on many occasions how happy they are the café is there. 
  • This is an easy to run café with fantastic support from HQ in Sydney. 
  • Mrs. Fields was voted in the top 7 best Franchises in Australia. 
  • Mrs. Fields roasts their own coffee which won bronze award in Australia this year and several previous years. 
  • Mrs Fields is embarking on several new strategies to begin in 2020, with uber eats and co branding with an iconic food suppier which will generate large growth in sales and brand awareness. 
  • 3 weeks full training comes art of the purchase with 100% support from an extremey experiened team in Mrs Fields HQ




ASKING PRICE: $219,000 + SAV

Contact Owner Steve Howard 0476 935 233




             Mrs Fields是澳大利亚十大特许经营品牌之一,也是绝佳的本土成功案例。 


             作为新业主,您无需任何经验,因为您将接受Mrs Fields卓越的商业计划培训,确保你能够成功地运营这家店铺。




             Mrs Fields将为新业主提供所有必要培训,且公司的定制业务计划本质上就是为成功绘制的蓝图。 



             位于昆士兰州最大的购物中心——太平洋购物中心(Pacific Fair)。 


             太平洋购物中心(Pac Fair)最近花费6.7亿澳元进行了扩展和整修。 




             毗邻的星港城赌场(Star Casino)最近增建了另一座高耸的塔楼,且还获得了批准再建四座大楼,这将带来更多高端客户。

             太平洋购物中心(Pacific Fair)是黄金海岸皇冠上的明珠,也是当地居民和游客的活动中心。


             地处黄金海岸太平洋博购物中心(Pacific Fair)的绝佳位置,黄金海岸是澳大利亚的旅游游乐场。



             Mrs Fields遍及全国市场,并拥有出色的公司网站和社交媒体平台。









             全面培训由Mrs. Fields的主特许经营店提供。目前的特许经营者已接受了该培训,并高度具备了接管这家全新咖啡馆-面包店的条件。


             这家全新咖啡馆现有租约还剩5年。这是一家采用专门设计的全新咖啡馆-面包店。最后一家位于该购物中心的Mrs. Fields面包店已经营了14年。



             Mrs. Fields面包店-咖啡馆在过去14年里一直位于太平洋购物中心(Pacific Fair shopping centre),这是一家全新建造的品牌咖啡馆,取代了之前的一家。 

             Mrs Fields拥有长期的忠诚客户群,该购物中心管理层多次表示他们对这边咖啡馆的满意。 


             Mrs. Fields被评为澳大利亚七大最佳特许经营商之一。 

             Mrs. Fields能够烘焙出独特口味的咖啡,并于今年和前几年在澳大利亚获得了铜奖。 

             Mrs Fields正着手于2020年开始实施几项新战略,将同优步Eatsuber eats)合作,并与一家标志性的食品供应商合作进行品牌合作,这将大幅提高店铺的销售额和品牌知名度。 






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Listing Details

  • Asking Price
  • $219,000.00
  • Status
  • Franchise Resale
  • Business Type
  • Café Coffee Shop
  • Training
  • Owner will assist to a smooth transition
  • Franchise Established
  • 1977