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How to Post a Business Wanted Ad

To add a Business Wanted Ad, access the Member's Dashboard, on the left sidebar, find "Business Wanted Ads" feature, click on it to create a new ad.

Once the Business Wanted Ad form loads, enter in the listing details as explained through the points mentioned in the image shown below. Fields marked with an * are mandatory, all other fields are optional and will not show if left blank.

  1. Choose to publish the listing on the site or save it as a draft.
  2. Add a Listing Headline for your Business Wanted Ad.
  3. Select the Opportunity Type
  4. Select the Industry Category
  5. Select the Business Category

  6. Enter the preferred Business Location Suburb, City, State or Country.
  7. Enter the preferred Price Range. (Example: $250,000 - $300,000)
  8. Select the preferred Days Per Week. If left blank this field will not show.
  9. Select the Preferred Business Hours. If left blank this field will not show.
  10. Enter the preferred Travel Time to the business (eg: , Less than 30 minutes,30-60 minutes,1-2 Hours, 3 or more.) If left blank this field will not show.
  11. Enter the preferred Weekly, Monthly or Annual Rent Range (Example: $40,000 pa max inc outgoings). If left blank this field will not show.
  12. Enter the preferred Lease Terms (eg: 3+3). If left blank this field will not show.
  13. Enter the preferred Weekly Sales Range (Example: $10,000 pw) If left blank this field will not show.
  14. Enter the preferred weekly Net Profit (Example: $10,000) If left blank this field will not show.

  15. Describe your requirements for the Business Wanted. (Will not display if the limit of posts has been reached.)
  16. Once all of the details have been added, click on Save Changes

Adding images to a Business Wanted Ad

Once all of the details have been saved, add the images to the listing. You can upload as many images as needed. 

Please Note: Images sizes should be minimum of 300px x 200px (preferred size is 600px x 400px or 1200px x 800px)

  1. Click on Choose Images, maximum of 10mb at a time per upload.
  2. Once images are uploaded, click on Upload Selected Photos.

  3. Add a Title to each Image.
  4. Add a Description to the Image.
  5. Once all image titles and descriptions are added, click on save changes.

  6. Here the Photo Display Order can be arranged.
  7. Once you have rearranged the images, click on Back to All Business Wanted Ads.

Business Wanted Ads Summary Screen

The home area for your Business Wanted Ads which shows all Business Wanted ads you have added.

  1. Shows the total number of Business Wanted Ads.
  2. Click here to Add a New Business Wanted Ad. Will not display if listing limit has been reached.
  3. This shows the Current Status of the listing.
  4. This shows the number of views the listing has received. More detail can be viewed in the Profile Statistics menu.
  5. To View, Edit, Add Photos or Delete the Listing, click on the Actions Button to display the Dropdown Menu with the corresponding options.
  6. Shows the number of photos on the listing.

Lastly, once published, this is how the Business Listing displays on the site:

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